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Anonymous asked: Why does that atleeeey girl seem to try to make an effort to hang w/ all of Maddie's friend (shika & Tyler+ a few others)? She really irritates me!!!!, however I don't know whats up with her and Alan cuz she even hanged out w/ Maddie once!! & Maddie seems not to mind her. But she does seem hungry for Alan, she even post tbt pics when they haven't talked forever

I don’t really know. It just seems like all of Maddie’s friend left her for ashley. like they just prefer her or something?

Anonymous asked: LOL Austin's name is in arzaylea's twitter bio because she is talking about Austin TEXAS. ahha that is where is live part time.

hahaha thats what I said!

Anonymous asked: Atleeeey and Maddie never take pics together or rt each other its like they talked once awhile back on twitter and now they somehow avoid each other & topic of each other even tho they have the same friends& hang out @ the same parties.


Anonymous asked: It's nice to see that Ashley Zarlin still hangs out with the girlfriends and the band. I wonder if it bugs Austin or if him and her are cool.

I don’t think Austin even cares but its cool they all hangout 

Anonymous asked: Ashley feasel (atleeeey) has super old photos with angie, alan's girlfriend before maddie. And ashley has been in the background of a few of maddie's snap stories lately. Also, austin's name is in arzaylea's twitter bio

I’m pretty sure ashley has known alan for a while now so that’s how she knows Angie

Anonymous asked: What is up with arzaylea'a twitter bio? It says: I keep Austin weird when I'm not in Los Angeles ♡ 21

she probably means Austin the city