Blog dedicated to the girlfriends of the guys in OM&M

Anonymous asked: Omfg Ashley is annoying! She's literally been with EVERY BAND MEMBER. She's friends with Jefree Star and now all of the sudden a model for glamour kills. My fav bandwhore turned band girlfriend is Tatum Jones

hahaha almost every “bandwhore” is friends with Jefree Star

Anonymous asked: That Ashley chic Alan's fucking is a band whore . He's deft thirsty for Maddie still let's face it

hahahaha I think he is still thirsty for maddie too 

Anonymous asked: Yes you are right it takes two to cheat. And even thought Stephanie did say he cheated we really don't know the story. There's always two sides of the story too and with them there's 3. If the whole thing is true then suck for them to do such thing but they're only human, I still like the band and support them. Nobody is perfect and People makes mistakes. We can't judge someone for making one.


Anonymous asked: austin seems to be getting closer to that kittykatrina girl again. she just posted videos with him on her instagram/keek. wasn't she the one who "ended" his relationship with stephanie? :P I don't get band guys... haha

Yeah they are still friends. I don’t want to blame just Katrina for the “breakup” between Stephanie and Austin but yes she had to do something with it but I’m sure Austin has other side girls

Anonymous asked: Austin unfollowed Ashley