Blog dedicated to the girlfriends of the guys in OM&M

Anonymous asked: Why does that atleeeey girl seem to try to make an effort to hang w/ all of Maddie's friend (shika & Tyler+ a few others)? She really irritates me!!!!, however I don't know whats up with her and Alan cuz she even hanged out w/ Maddie once!! & Maddie seems not to mind her. But she does seem hungry for Alan, she even post tbt pics when they haven't talked forever

I don’t know. It feels like everyone in California basically knows each other haha

Anonymous asked: That's rude. Tatum Jones was never a bandwhore.
Anonymous asked: Omfg Ashley is annoying! She's literally been with EVERY BAND MEMBER. She's friends with Jefree Star and now all of the sudden a model for glamour kills. My fav bandwhore turned band girlfriend is Tatum Jones

hahaha almost every “bandwhore” is friends with Jefree Star